Style Rut

Winter is coming and I find myself in a style rut.  I tend to wear variations of the same outfit every day but sometimes I feel disappointed in myself for not making an effort.  In winter my only aim is to stay warm – which means lots and lots of layers! (and cozy hand knit sweaters!)

I had a day job for a year and  half at a fancy uptown boutique – they sold Lanvin and Valentino – so I went from Fabulous to car parts!  The only problem with that job was we weren’t allowed to wear colour – black only, we pushed the envelope with grey, navy blue or chocolate brown.  It felt very restricting and now wearing all black just seems like a uniform to me.

My husband and I run a small business selling car parts for vintage Volkswagens and Porsches, which means I am around dirt and grease all day long.   So, how do I look good, while wearing something I’m not afraid to get dirty?  I have started to do Dress up Fridays – instead of dress down fridays.  I figure I can make an effort ONE day of the week.  I’ll share some outfit posts soon.

On my side bar are some of the fashion blogs I like to kill time on.   I am really more of a fashion observer.  Some days I do make an honest effort to look stylish, but I usually chicken out when it comes to adding the high heels to any outfit.


I usually end up wearing flat boots or sneakers –  I am so glad Designers are showing flat shoes with collections now – Birkenstocks even! (not for me, just sayin’ ……)


Do women who wear 4″+ heels and carry Cèline bags pick their children up from school looking like that?

If I ever get a fancy bag,…… I’ll let you know 😉 !!!!!



About stickgirl

Hi, I am a mother of 3, wife, small business owner, chief cook & bottle washer, daydreaming of fashion and knitting.
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