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Here are some new additions to my library of knitting books.  The internet is an amazing resource for knitting, but nothing can replace a book for me.  I have shelves full of knitting books, vintage, modern, magazines.  The first place I head to at the thrift store is the book section.  Sometimes, vintage books are just good for a laugh and get put back on the shelf for someone else, but the ones below are treasures to me and worth keeping.  I wonder why someone else would have given these away, but the saying really is true! …”one man’s junk ……”

First is an adorable find – The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book by Pat Menchini.  Published by F. Warne & Co. – ISBN. 0 7232 3457 4.   The Complete Treasury of Beatrix Potter were among the first stories I read to all three of my children and each one has a favourite.  Bedtime was not complete without The Tale of Peter Rabbit – I have that one committed to memory!

Even though this book dates from 1987 and the styles are out-dated, this book and the memories it conjures for me is nothing short of charming.

UnknownNext up is The Man’s Knitting Book, Classic Patterns from the ’20s to the ’50s, by Jane Waller.  Published by Thames and Hudson.  ISBN. 0-500-27354-5.

All of the classic styles are covered:  tennis, cables, fair isle, fisherman, and more.  It is a great collection of mens knit sweaters.  Classic never goes out of style.


Lastly, Toe-up socks for Every Body, by Wendy D. Johnson.  Published by Potter Craft.  ISBN. 978-0-307-46385-2.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this on the shelf.  I am sure this one will be dog-eared in no time.  The only sock pattern I use is this toe-up pattern on Wendy’s blog, so this was a great find for me.  Happy Knitting!!!!




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Hi, I am a mother of 3, wife, small business owner, chief cook & bottle washer, daydreaming of fashion and knitting.
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