Leather Vest

Have I mentioned that a large percentage of my wardrobe is from thrift stores?   I am easily excited and I get such a thrill out of finding special pieces.  Once I found a pair of Dries van Noten shoes – I found only one side on the shoe rack – and I must have squealed out loud because the woman across the aisle gave me the weirdest look!  (I’ll dig them out  so you can have a look and if someone is a size 8 1/2 I’d be willing to give them up!  They are too big for me – but had to come home with me that day.)

One thing I have vowed not to pass up is anything leather or suede – especially if it fits.  A couple of skirts that are too big have made it home with me only because they were 50% off and the sides can easily be taken in.  Heck, even at full price – $10.00 for a suede or leather skirt is still a good deal!  Check out my Pinterest board for some styling ideas.


I was so excited to find this vest – it fits and it is unique.  I think it was a jacket and someone removed the sleeves because the lining was cut and left unfinished.  It may also have been a children’s jacket – can’t find any sizing information, but I looove it!  Styled in the photo with a black turtleneck and black mini skirt (Armani Exchange – also thrifted).



About stickgirl

Hi, I am a mother of 3, wife, small business owner, chief cook & bottle washer, daydreaming of fashion and knitting.
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