Shirt Re-fashion x 3

I love sewing.  I love going to thrift stores.  Throw in a field trip to peruse the remnant bin at my local fabric store and here’s what you get!

It all started with this pin I found on Pinterest.   I picked up a good quality white shirt at  the Goodwill, got a remnant of purple cotton broadcloth from my local fabric store and put them together.  This dress is soooo comfortable and easy to wear, and really easy to make – I was smitten by the up-cycle / re-fashion bug!


After seeing how easy it was to make the dress above, I was inspired.  So next I thrifted a short sleeve white shirt and pulled out a beautiful piece of silk / cotton I had in my stash.  It was also a remnant, not even 0.5 metres, but just enough to gather a little strip and turn the shirt into a peplum top.




This Saturday I made shirt re-fashion # 3.  I found a really well made Banana Republic shirt at the Sally Ann for $5.  It is pastel pink and very well tailored.  I combined it with a textured white cotton remnant found at Fabricland and poof!  Instant summer dress!  (the belt is borrowed from another dress, the shoes are J Crew (thrifted- thank you to who ever gave them up!))

Well, ok – not poof – it took a couple of hours to put it together and I even inserted a zipper into the side seam because I was worried it would be difficult to get on and off.  Turns out I didn’t need to, the buttons and a little bit of positive ease at the waist give me enough room.  I also cut the sleeves to make it short sleeved and cooler for summer.

I have already bought shirt # 4 from the Sally Ann ( white linen with 3/4 sleeves) and have plans to make the next one into a maxi dress with a chiffon skirt.  The re-fashion possibilities are endless – a sleeveless shirt would look good for a summer dress or a plaid shirt with lace skirt for fall.  How about a combining a thrifted leather or suede skirt with a beautiful shirt?  What about a beautiful patterned silk shirt with plain skirt?  The skirt can also be changed, pleated not gathered, or a-line with a front kick pleat, or….  ok – step away from the shirt rack, Michelle…

Spring better hurry up –  I’ve got a new dress to wear!!!!



About stickgirl

Hi, I am a mother of 3, wife, small business owner, chief cook & bottle washer, daydreaming of fashion and knitting.
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One Response to Shirt Re-fashion x 3

  1. lrlspencer says:

    Your dresses are awesome! I hope you post a photo of the next one!! :-))))

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