Polka Dots

I had a real Throwback Thursday moment last week – I found the hard copy of this pattern while cleaning out a desk drawer.  This is the knit that started it all 18 years ago!


copyright Jil Eaton Minnow Knits

When I was in the hospital after having my second child – a girl, I was looking at a Chatelaine magazine.  There used to be a mail order section in the back and that is where I found this pattern.  It was available as a kit with the yarn and pattern, so I ordered it in size 1 year.  My mother taught me to knit when I was around  8 years old, but I hadn’t knit in years and I thought it would take me a year to make it (mostly because I had my 15 month old son waiting at home and a newborn).  I wanted to have it ready for her first birthday.  Well, the kit arrived and I had that dress made in 2 weeks.  My daughter turns 18 in June, and I have seldom been with out a knitting project since.  Finding the pattern brought back many wonderful memories and the dress will be passed on and on, making new memories one day (not soon!  she’s only 18 and I am so, so,  young to be a grandma!), but  I’m thrilled I found it.

What is the first thing you made?  Do you still have it?



About stickgirl

Hi, I am a mother of 3, wife, small business owner, chief cook & bottle washer, daydreaming of fashion and knitting.
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