Finished Object: Arc en ciel

Arc-en-Ciel-Pullover.jpg-500x375ArcencielThis one’s been finished for a while:  Arc en Ciel from Knitscene Spring 2013 by Maria Leigh.

Size XS took 4 skeins of Noro Taiyo Sock in Colour 22.  No modifications to the pattern.

Knitting on the bias kept it interesting and fast even though it is sock yarn and size 3mm needles.  The most difficult part of knitting with Noro is picking a colour way.  I chose this one because it has more of a fall palette to wear in cooler temperatures and having a bit of black in there makes it really easy to pair with black pants or skirt.

As soon as I saw it in the magazine I knew it was just my style I am very happy with the way it turned out.


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Leather Vest

Have I mentioned that a large percentage of my wardrobe is from thrift stores?   I am easily excited and I get such a thrill out of finding special pieces.  Once I found a pair of Dries van Noten shoes – I found only one side on the shoe rack – and I must have squealed out loud because the woman across the aisle gave me the weirdest look!  (I’ll dig them out  so you can have a look and if someone is a size 8 1/2 I’d be willing to give them up!  They are too big for me – but had to come home with me that day.)

One thing I have vowed not to pass up is anything leather or suede – especially if it fits.  A couple of skirts that are too big have made it home with me only because they were 50% off and the sides can easily be taken in.  Heck, even at full price – $10.00 for a suede or leather skirt is still a good deal!  Check out my Pinterest board for some styling ideas.


I was so excited to find this vest – it fits and it is unique.  I think it was a jacket and someone removed the sleeves because the lining was cut and left unfinished.  It may also have been a children’s jacket – can’t find any sizing information, but I looove it!  Styled in the photo with a black turtleneck and black mini skirt (Armani Exchange – also thrifted).


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Knitting Books

Here are some new additions to my library of knitting books.  The internet is an amazing resource for knitting, but nothing can replace a book for me.  I have shelves full of knitting books, vintage, modern, magazines.  The first place I head to at the thrift store is the book section.  Sometimes, vintage books are just good for a laugh and get put back on the shelf for someone else, but the ones below are treasures to me and worth keeping.  I wonder why someone else would have given these away, but the saying really is true! …”one man’s junk ……”

First is an adorable find – The Beatrix Potter Knitting Book by Pat Menchini.  Published by F. Warne & Co. – ISBN. 0 7232 3457 4.   The Complete Treasury of Beatrix Potter were among the first stories I read to all three of my children and each one has a favourite.  Bedtime was not complete without The Tale of Peter Rabbit – I have that one committed to memory!

Even though this book dates from 1987 and the styles are out-dated, this book and the memories it conjures for me is nothing short of charming.

UnknownNext up is The Man’s Knitting Book, Classic Patterns from the ’20s to the ’50s, by Jane Waller.  Published by Thames and Hudson.  ISBN. 0-500-27354-5.

All of the classic styles are covered:  tennis, cables, fair isle, fisherman, and more.  It is a great collection of mens knit sweaters.  Classic never goes out of style.


Lastly, Toe-up socks for Every Body, by Wendy D. Johnson.  Published by Potter Craft.  ISBN. 978-0-307-46385-2.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this on the shelf.  I am sure this one will be dog-eared in no time.  The only sock pattern I use is this toe-up pattern on Wendy’s blog, so this was a great find for me.  Happy Knitting!!!!



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Here’s a new hat for my Little – not so little anymore.  It was her 9th birthday yesterday!  I usually get the “it’s too itchy” complaint, but not from this yarn – Cascade 220 Sport Multi – Colour 121.    She wore it last night, all through her birthday dinner and wore it to school today.   I wasn’t crazy about the way the colours pooled in the ribbed section, but I quite like the way it striped in the body.  Yarn and pompom available at Knitomatic.  I’m going back to get more Pompons in every colour.  They are an easy way to spruce up an old hat!




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Can you tell how much I love these jeans?  They are baggy and slouchy and so very, very comfortable.  I don’t understand buying jeans that are already distressed.  The rips and worn out holes in these jeans? ….  I didn’t buy them – I earned them!



The fabric scraps are from a fancy dress I altered for one of my Aunts a loooong time ago.  The pieces were only 3 inches x 3 inches, but I just couldn’t throw them out.  They make even my tattered jeans look dressy.  I hand embroidered the sun on a whim one day – still not sure why I chose that image.  I don’t consider myself “sunny”, but optimism is always good thing.

The larger patches are from other worn out jeans and machine stitched.  The hand stitching on those larger patches are my attempt at Boro, a Japanese method of mending  indigo.  It was meant for utilitarian purposes of recycling clothing and bedding by Japanese farmers between 1850 and 1950, but is now seen as an art form.  There are many beautiful examples on Pinterest.

As you can see there is a new spot that needs mending on the upper left leg, a perfect opportunity to attempt something more intricate with Boro.  Now – go fix something you love!  It’s worth it – tell your own story!

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Just a quick ‘Hello’.  I took my Versa Scarf out for a spin today and found a spot of sunshine.



photo by Scott Lyons


(That’s my “I don’t have my glasses on, I can’t see a thing.” squinty face!)

Happy Weekend!

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How to spend a Sunday afternoon

DIY Statement Necklace

Take 3 necklaces and put them together!  Sounds simple, but it took me a couple of hours to get it to sit correctly.  I am happy with the result, though!  Perfect to dress up a simple outfit.

From top to bottom:

Rhinestone choker $ 0.99 thrifted

Necklace with blue and clear rectangle stones $ 3 on sale at H & M

Chain and Pearl Necklace – old

IMG_2245 IMG_2252

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